Boom! Great Sounds Make Commissars Quake!

 Who, exactly, warns Greece over using ‘sound cannon’ to repel migrants?

Who else but the EUSSR, which has abandoned all pretence of concern at the multiple onslaughts by undesirable aliens?



As usual, the Greeks get stabbed in the back by the Fourth Reich, which they must be getting used to…

Illegal Pushbacks?’ Big Deal, If It Keeps Illegal Aliens OUT! 

…whereas people across the continent must have clapped like thunder at such an ingenious…

…and evidently, judging from the shrill anguish that echoes around the Brussels Empire’s noisome corridors of power, exceedingly EFFECTIVE, deterrent.

Given the similarly obstructive and rabidly hostile reaction by the EUSSR ( and our UNHCR enemies) to the Danes’ admirable plans…

UN Hates Danes’ ‘Asylum’ Plan? Let’s All Try It!

…we are bound to ask if the Euro-Commissars still expect us to believe they have ANY interest in thwarting the primitives swarming into Europe!