Reminder – Why OfCom Needs Gutted!

Further to our post earlier today, it looks like quite a lot of uptights and whiners got involved in the vote that gave disgusting ‘Diversity’ their win…


…and unsurprising that most decent Brits declined to take part.

After all, when 25,000 good people complained to OfCom last year about the scumbags’ exaltation of the BLM  cop-hate message…



Diversity’s routine included a white performer kneeling on Banjo’s neck, a reference to George Floyd’s death in police custody, and dancers dressed as riot police. It also featured themes about the coronavirus pandemic, poverty and capitalism…


Gramsci would have loved it!



…concluded the programme did not raise issues which warranted investigation under its broadcasting rules.

…the decent people’s complaints were dismissed disdainfully, by an unelected clique of leftist bums…



…who, BTW, deliberately altered their terms of snooper reference last year to include the BLM catch-phrase ‘diversity.’

I haven’t bothered to look for the voting figures – which don’t seem to be mentioned in many of the gloating left-media coverage of the rat-bags’ BAFTA triumph…

…but I imagine they came both from areas infested with undesirable anti-socials..



…and from gentrified districts…

…populated by pinko creeps, e.g. sociology lecturers and ‘NGO’ flunkeys.