Another Cricket Witch-Hunt Looms

The blood-lust of the woke cricketing elite is evidently unsated.

The vindictive weasels, aka the ECB, are investigating a report by Wisden that a second England player posted historical “offensive material”.

These gestapoid gits need to be put in their place by people who like the sport.



The ECB is bringing cricket into disrepute by their taste for inquisition.

They need to be told off, not just by plenty of scorching emails and calls……

ECB tel: 0161 877 6643


…but also having their offices picketed by patriots.

County Cricket Ground,  Old Trafford, Manchester M16 0PX

Oh, and as for offenive dorks like that Ramprakash, snarling at the bullied Ollie Robinson as follows in the BBC report –

We live in a diverse society and we really don’t want this behaviour.

Uppity ass!

WHO the HELL does he mean by ‘WE?’

Perhaps real Brits who dislike his arrogance might start asking if THEY ‘REALLY WANT‘ the increaaingly intolerant, unpleasant, ‘diverse society.”


It was, after all, imposed on them, with never even a pretence of democraric consulrarion.