Sackur’s Sordid Pro-Pervert Bias!

Disgusting bigoted bias today on Hard Talk.


Stephen Sackur, Journalist & Presenter (17167554681) (cropped).jpg


Srephen Sackur’s guest was an American who got out of the pervert life-style, married ( yes, real marriage, to a woman!) than sadly relapsed.

The topic was conversion therapy which Sackur smeared with out-of-date references to electric shock treatment.

There is a gaystapo war on in various countries, to outlaw any treatment, however benign, to offer homos any hope of a cure.

In the UK, Jellyfish Johnson is on the gaystapo side, as is the degenerate judiciary…

London’s City Hall ban on bus adverts carrying “ex-gay” slogans is lawful, a London court ruled on Friday. Mrs. Justice Lang ruled the advertisements by a Christian group could “cause grave offence” to homosexuals and was seen as “homophobic…”

.Like, uh, big deal! 

Let ’em stamp their dainty pink-sandalled feet… but alas, queers have fans in high places, not just the BBC. 


The ads were seen briefly in the spring last year on the sides of London’s famous double-decker buses, sporting the slogan, “Not gay! Post-gay and proud. Get over it.” 

The ad spots were designed and sponsored by the group Core Issues Trust, in answer to previous campaigns by the homosexualist lobby group Stonewall that said, “Some people are gay. Get over it….” 



…as Jellyfish showed when he was Mayor of London.

I understand he’s planning to impose a ban in Britain. This will require a proper debate at Westminster.

But will both sides get a fair hearing?

If Hard Talk today is anything to go by, it looks like any dissent will be suppressed or distorted by UK Pravda.



For once again, the prejudices of the infested BBC over-rode the tax-funded propaganda channel’s obligation to provide fair and balanced coverage.