Guardian Hides True ID Of ‘Belfast MP’

A ‘Belfast MP?’

The Guardian is a repulsive rag, which gives a platform to rancid intolerants…

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…and foul-mouthed shrews…

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…but today it descended to a level of deceit that’s quite indefensible.



Everyone in Ulster knows fine well who and what Paul Maskey is, but most mainland Brits, and overseas readers, will have no idea,  assuming, perhaps, that he’s with a normal party.

The Guardian does not see fit to tell you anywhere in its long report…

…that Maskey is a dedicated member of the vermin party, Sinn Fein, which has long been recognised, incontrovertibly….

…as the so-called ‘political wing’ of the IRA murder gang.

Maskey took over the Belfast parliamentary seat after Blood-Beast Adams decided to step down.



Maskey has never disowned that monster’s vile legacy of hatred and terrorist violence. .

American readers should also note the ‘Belfast MP’ is a fan of Communist Cuba, as his tweet confirms.

The largest every Cuban flag unveiled on Black Mountain in Belfast #UnBlockCuba #NoMasBloqueo

So anything Maskey has to say on a loyalist rally, or, to be fair, on anything ar all, merits the same respect we’d give to a turd dropped by a rabid dog.


But what was the cur bitching about?

Virus rule violations, we read, by loyal Brit protesters, and we laugh scornfully, remembering the massed ranks of republican scum at the Storey garbage disposal event…

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…whom the Keystone Cops, aka PSNI, failed to disperse, oh, and what else?

‘…sinister banners targetting US President Joe Biden…

Hell, no matter what was on those banners, nothing would be a sinister…

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…as the photo of Biden we posted yesterday!