‘Lions’ Or Woke-Weasels? Collabo ‘England’ Fans!

The more we learn of the kneel-creep ‘fans’ who don’t boo BLM grovel, the more we get the picture.

Fretting about the possibility of ‘more booing at Wembley’ when England face Croatia…

Come back, St. George, and lead the booing!

…the Guardian revealed that only the officially sponsored ‘England Supporters Travel Club‘ were able to get tickets for the previous game where collabo ‘supporters’ tried to drown out the patriots.


So barely 11000 were there? The figures in the Guardian report are confusing but it seems the upcoming match will have twice that number.

Whatever, if the crowd turns out to be more representative, there ought to be more non-kow-tow fans in attendance.

Fingers crossed for stentorian booing!



And what are we to make of the hangers-on, self-styled ‘Free Lions, a part of the Football Supporters’ Association,’ and their call ‘for unity?


More like wokey-weasels!

If they truly wanted ‘unity,’ they would tell that leftist loudmouth Gareth Southgate…


 Leftist Gareth Southgate


…to get off his high horse and scrap the demeaning kneel-ninny nonsense.

Instead, the self-righteous dork arrogantly says he won’t answer any more questions on the subject.