The Apotheosis Of St Gareth Kneel-Creep!

‘Apotheosis’ is a word one hears but rarely used, probably because we don’t know what it means.

In theology, apotheosis refers to the idea that an individual has been raised to godlike statureWikipedia



No theology today, but in modern mundane terms, being exalted by a Guardian hack, of editorial rank, no less…

..a lengthy column that exults in that self-righteous leftist dork Southgate’s attempt to justify his kneel-creep vision of English soccer?

Hell, that must be pretty damn close to apotheosis!

We read that the Epistle of St. Gareth has, like Covid19, gone ”viral.”



I wonder if, had the technology been available in post-war Norway…



…the defence plea of Vidkun Quisling would have gone similarly ‘viral.’

I confess, I’ve read neither.

However, the Guardian hack offers at least one useful insight, like how tiny Gareth had a bigoted pinko creep elder brother…

…who poisoned the tot’s mind.

NO excuse.

He’s a grown man.

He’s a damn disgrace.

. .


Take a stand against appeasement of BLM scum.

Demand Southgate’s dismissal…