Euro-Judge-Jerks Savage Germany

Between arrogant Kaiserin Ursula ranting about her Protokol Uber Alles…



…and the nightmarish Channel Tsunami, Brits must be getting more and more hostile to that ‘European Project,’ aa the ruling class in Brussels dissimulatively describes its supranational ideology.



Now, however, the naked authoritarianism at the heart of the Fourth Reich has come right out into the open, after Germany’s high court told the ECJ judges to butt out …


…on an issue most people would have little interest in…


…except that the Euro-Judge-Jerks have declared that they and they “alone” had “jurisdiction to rule that an act of an EU institution is contrary to EU law”.



It seems there’s ‘growing concerns in Brussels over the fragmentation of the EU’s legal order.. ‘

And the report exposes the EUSSR elite’s deepest fear, that the German court’s defence of German sovereignty ‘could encourage those in Poland and Hungary to act in similar ways….’

What’s Mama Stasi Merkel doing to stick up for her country’s judiciary?

Likely very little…


She prefers to side with Brussels against Poles and other nations that retain a taste for independence.


Oh, and…

…shock, horror..

“…could open the way to a ‘Europe à la carte, ’”


Who would dare suggest that things might be arranged so that each country’s needs and customs and, God Forbid..constitutional requirements…be taken into account as rules are applied?

That shrill little yelp, about a la carte, came from a  ‘spokesperson’ for the Brussels Commissars, whose identity the Guardian chooses to conceal.

And no wonder, given the Hitlerian arrogance evident in the rest of his or her outburst.

 “The last word on EU law is always spoken in Luxembourg.

Yo, Brits, aren’t you glad you’re out!