Biden/Bojo Rage At ‘China Doll’ Ban!

Twitter is a hostile power, if you believe in free speech.

Dirty Dorsey Apes UK Pravda To Conceal Vote-Fraud Facts! 

Hey, Twitter’s Still Outlawing The Truth! 

Dirty Dorsey’s Red China connection…

…is becoming infamous.

It’s not just the suppreasion of Trump but many another person whose views don’t match Dorsey’s.

So why has Biden, oh, and Jellfish Johnson…



…and Kaiserin Ursula, and Le Muppet Macron, and the government of grubby little expansionist Eire…

…seen fit to come out publicly, spouting slogans about free expression, in defence of “China Doll” Dorsey’s Big Tech instrument of censorship?

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