Patriot Finns Facing Unfair Fight!

Good to read that the Finns Party, led by the very forthright Jussi Halla-aho…


Image result for jussi finland peru's

Jussi Halla-aho.

…who’s running for Helsinki mayor, has been rising in the polls.

But not so good to learn that the patriot party’s ‘controversial’ advertising campaign ‘was pulled by the authorities’  last week – and why?

Some pinko whiners claimed it was ‘discriminatory!’

Well, boo-hoo-hoo!

Finland has a long history of free democratic elections…



…but now, if it’s suggested that some non-Finns can ‘jump the housing queue,’ instead of debating the claim in an appropriate  forum, the Left can get ‘the authorities‘ to interfere?


Nevertheless, the report in Politico is encouraging, because the censorship was too late to stop the ads gaining ‘national headlines’ which ‘provided the party with valuable extra publicity..

Finns are great folks – I fondly remember fun times there, before and after running the Helsinki Marathon – so I’d expect them to react fiercely to suppression of any party’s right to campaign freely.


Good luck to Jussi and all his other party candidates.