Minyak Goreng Murah? Iya, Kalo Beli Bakso Tikus..

I’m not going to single out any particular store, because the practice is common.

But I do get fed up with great big ads outside Jakarta supermarkets, and online, offering minyak goreng (cooking oil) at under Rp. 25000 for a 2 litre bottle…

… then, on closer inspection, we find that such a discount, on a product needed daily in most Indonesian households, is only available if you buy some other stuff you neither need, nor want, nor particularly like.

Usually it’s biscuits or some other junk food.

My headline mentions bakso tikus (rodent meat-balls) which I have never seen included in such an offer…


…and which we all abhor, but that is merely to dramatise my point

Is such deceitful activity the norm in your country, wherever you live?

Just curious!