Nothing Lower Than A Tory Hoare?

I remember when the Tory Party leader addressed his Ulster audience proudly sporting a tie emblazoned with the Red Hand..

Can any reader name that man?

Times have changed, and we are told Jellyfish Johnson’s N.I. Secretary, Brandon Lewis, has held talks with the over-fed vixen who leads the IRA’s political wing, Sinn Fein…


Gambar terkaitSibn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald, basking in the Blood-Beast’s smiles

….and may be preparing another appeasement stunt on the ‘Irish Language.’

BTW – What percentage of the population in British Ulster use Erse as their everyday tongue?

Damn few, and it’s absurd this lingo nonsense has even got this far.

But whereas once there were Tory back-benchers who’d have stood up for the beleaguered Brits across the water…


…now we have ‘Conservative MP Simon Hoare, the chair of the NI Affairs Committee….’


Official portrait of Simon Hoare (cropped).jpg


….who kicks loyal fellow-citizens in the teeth, ranting on social media that ‘he would vote for an Irish language act if it comes to the House of Commons…’.

…despite the fact that this issue was designated for Stormont to handle.

Before an empire’s eyes, the traitor claims his price, as Kipling wrote in 1912, and we wonder what this Tory toad, a close associate of the notorious liar…



…Cast-Iron Cameron, and a rabid Remainer, expects to gain in return for spitting on the best of the British.

For further insights into his character, please do read his wikipedia entry!

Hoare by name and….?