Far-Left Big-Biz V GBN? Time To Close Open University?

GB News?

I’m told it’s good.

And the cabal out to do it down?


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I couldn’t put the case against Big Biz Bigotry much better than was expressed in the Telegraph…


…so instead I single out one culprit which can be given a well-earned mauling by any government with a serious interest in media freedom.

Because The Open University operates across the whole of the UK we are funded for our teaching activities by all the national higher education funding bodies

So this institution is funded, not solely, perhaps, but hugely, from the pockets of UK tax-payers.


Snouts in the tax-trough


In which case, the bums in charge need a sharp rap on the knuckles, from whichever Tory minister oversees the distribution of public purse largesse to those national higher education funding bodies! 

Obviously, decent Brits will avoid Nivea, Grolsch, Octopus Energy, Kopparberg, and any other brand names verified as enemies of media diversity.

Any company that heeds the rabid leftists of ‘Stop Funding Hate,’ and boycotts GB News should of course be boycotted in turn.

Speaking to BBC News on Tuesday, Richard Wilson, director of media group Stop Funding Hate, said that the immediate controversial tone meant “it’s no surprise” that a reputable brand such as Kopparberg are “stepping away, and refusing to align with this”.

Oh dear.

Can’t have controversial coverage, can we, Comrade!

And Kopparberg?

Kopparberg is a drink for everyone and we have immediately suspended our ads from this channel pending further review of its content.”


A drink for everyone?


For pinko creeps, and nobody else, from now on!

Get stuffed, Kopparberg!

But that’s enough from BBC!


Let’s go back and look at that Open University, that soaks up so much public money.

Here’s how those pinko creeps have been spending some of it!

..the OU 50 logo will incorporate the Pride rainbow coloursOU in Scotland 50th logo, incorporating Pride rainbow colours

In its fiftieth year, The Open University’s support of Pride events taking place across the UK and Ireland has even more resonance… 


Time to shut these gaystapo fans DOWN!