Guardian’s Unique Take On Criminal Aliens

Brown had been sentenced to five years for robbery, attempted robbery and perverting the course of justice.A

Aaah, but the Guardian report reassures us!

We read that this lousy alien waster says he never dunnit.

Oh well, that’s okay then, the guilty verdict doesn’t stand up to the litmus test of a scumbag’s denial.

And guess what?

Official portrait of Rt Hon Priti Patel MP crop 2.jpg

Priti Useless has cancelled his deportation, because his doting mummy maintains that if her darling boy were sent back to whence he came…

.it would be impossible for him to survive alone in Jamaica…

Like, does anybody give a tinker’s cuss whether he survives, in Jamaica, or in the UK?

Ya couldn’t make this stuff up!

And how about the old bat who so adores her scummy offspring…



…but evidently not enough to accompany him to the Caribbean?

PS. We had a look at the above case in April. The Guardian was still scribbling about how the scumbag was convicted but the scribbler deemed the scumbag’s denial significant, for no obvious reason.


Let’s be fair. Even when there’s absolutely no doubt, no denial of guilt, the Left still prefer to keep vile savages safely in the UK.

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