Burger King—As Bad As Starbucks?

I used to use Burger King quite often, if only for a coffee, as I’d never spend a cent in Starbucks.

Starbucks – ANOTHER Reason To Boycott?!? 

No more!

The giant international fast food corporation Burger King has decided that now is the time to go after people like us who hold traditional values. They are using so-called “Pride Month” – a month long celebration of the radical agenda of LGBT extremists – to target our values in a cynical ploy to promote the launch of their new chicken sandwich.

They’ve announced that they will donate 40 cents from the sale of the next 625,000 Ch’King sandwiches to the nation’s largest homosexual lobby group, the Human Rights Campaign, to help them push their grossly misnamed Equality Act legislation in Congress. Please sign our petition to protest this attack on our views and our values.

Think about this: Burger King wants you to spend your hard-earned money buying their 800-calorie chicken sandwich, and then they’ll donate some of what you’ve spent to an extremist organization backing legislation to punish you by imposing the LGBT agenda targeting people of faith! It’s outrageous.

We won’t take this lying down. Please sign our petition to Bust Burger King telling them not only won’t you buy their new chicken sandwich, you won’t buy anything from them!

Burger King is trying to position themselves as the LGBT-friendly rival to Chick-fil-A in the so-called ‘sandwich wars.’

As everyone knows, the CEO of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, is a devout Christian.

The company closes its restaurants on Sundays so that workers can attend Church services if they wish and spend time with their family. The homosexual lobby was furious to learn last week from the rabidly leftist Daily Beast online publication that Cathy has made charitable donations to the National Christian Charitable Foundation (NCF) and accused him without evidence of funding opposition to the so-called Equality Act.

Please sign our petition pledging to Bust Burger King over its intolerance to people of faith and their disrespect toward people who believe in God and hold traditional, biblical, American values.

We can all stop purchasing at Burger King and take our business over to Chick-fil-A!