EUOberver Cautious On IslamoNazi Flag Ban!

Germany has banned public displays of the green-and-white flag of Hamas, a Palestinian militant group on the EU’s terrorism blacklist, after its use in antisemitic protests during Israel’s recent bombardment of Gaza. Germany bans display of ‘terrorist’ Hamas flag

Interesting to note that EUObserver put inverted comma around the word ‘terrorist’ in its report on Germany’s infinitely belated ban on the IslamoNazi Hamas gang’s flag.

Draw your own conclusions.

Would they put inverted commas at each end of ’round’ if discussing a Flat-Earth Society’s opinions?

Something self-evident, so repeatedly proven and heavily substantiated…



….as Hamas wickedness should not be packed into quotation marks, as if it’s open to debate.

Nevertheless, intriguing reading, how the left-wing SPD party had initially objected on constitutional grounds, but gave in to the centre-right CDU party.

The SPD is notorious for its authoritarianism….

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..but only in one direction, against patriotic fellow-citizens.


It seems the ban was a “clear signal [of support] to our Jewish citizens,” a senior CDU MP said.

It might be even clearer if the CDU/SPD coalition gave orders for German security forces to round up and deport all the IslamoNazi scum…

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…they have allowed to settle in Germany since Mama Stasi Merkel dismantled border controls in 2015, stoking a resurgence of Hitlerian hatred of Jews

Hasil gambar untuk Jewish berlin belt

IslamoNazi hoodlum import in Berlin!


..though it’s fair to say that Germany is not uniquely mad to have imported such scum.

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…are also afflicted.