Free Georg Thiel!

As disgust with BBC bias fuels the campaign to defund UK Pravda..




..we read about a middle-aged German, who has ‘become an unlikely cause celebre‘ in his homeland.

i****Georg Thiel has been in prison since the end of February

Georg Thiel

Georg Thiel, aged 54, has been sentenced to imprisonment for six months.


So what heinous crime did Herr Thiel commit?

‘…refusing to pay the country’s television license fee.’

Like millions of Brits, there must be millions of Germans who loathe the bias of Deutsche Welle.

We have, in the past, looked at Germany’s network of state and regional media that leeches off the public purse…..



..and spews forth shockingly biased propaganda….

DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest! 

…even more notorious since that infamous leftist sow owned up to her readiness to flout her duty as a journalist to tell the truth.


Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize

….as we have also noted previously.

But the more we looked into this, the more unsavoury the story got, not least the jackboot antics…



…of a  talk-show host on another part of the network, WDR, the mouthy Jürgen Domian, who professes to welcome any caller on any topic…



…but suddenly went into full-censor mode and rudely cut off a citizen who dared raise the issue of the draconian treatment of this man.


The prisoner. ..



(who had to go on hunger strike to get to make a phone call, for pity’s sakes!)

…is not on our blog’s political wave-length.

He says he’s leftwing.

But he’s rational –  he ‘does not see why he should pay the same license fee with his annual income of 14,000 euros as the WDR boss Tom Buhrow with his annual salary of 400,000 euros.’

And his simple common-sense plea may strike a sympathetic chord in the hearts of many UK readers:

ARD and ZDF should concentrate on the news – leave expensive events to the private sector.. “