Call IKEA – 1-888-888-4532 – Freedom’s Foe!

I once bought a book-case from IKEA. In those days, it was a business, not a sworn enemy of media diversity.


Jeremy Clarkson unleashes fury on ‘halfwits’ as he vows to boycott IKEA amid GB News row


As of this month, I would never knowlngly touch any IKEA product with a barge-pole.



But that doesn’t mean we should ignore their leftist bigotry.

Before I continue, yes, I have read their bosses’ step back, cowering from (ex) customers’ indignation – but there’s no concession on the principle of commercial censorship in their statement…

… just weasel words about having to look at the issue before they go ahead with their boycott.

Not Good Enough!

Brits should use email and unload, without profanity or obscenity, on the UK boss.



And since this is an issue that goes beyond national borders, my USA readers can join in.



Ring ’em up. Say what you think.

Don’t be rude, because the person who answers didn’t devise their politically partisan policy.



Just explain that you despise IKEA’s collaboration with the Enemy Within.

Then ring again

Keep their staff so busy that other aspects of business get shunted back down the call queue.

Other countries wlll have their own contact info, so please join in as best you can.