If NZ Won’t Play Fair, Scrap The Olympics!

Again, we need to look at the BBC – a disagreeable experience – especially at breakfast time – which, after our criticism, but probably not because of it…


Has BBC Covered Biden’s Under-Age Gender-Bender Agenda?

…actually gave arguments for decency and fair play a hearing, ut then ended its report on NZ sending a man to join their women’s weight-lifting team in Tokyo, an issue we have looked at already.

Hope Japan Scraps The Olympics



Former Olympic Weightlifter Claims Female Athletes Told To “Be Quiet” About Laurel Hubbard Transgender Issue At Tokyo


But then UK Pravda’s man chose to conclude his yarn with an absurd guff-phrase as to its subject..

Inclusion or Integrity!’

Integrity is everything in sport, as in life.

Take ‘Inclusion’ and…