‘China Doll’ Dorsey Dons Jackboot Again!

The National File is hardly a household name, but that didn’t stop Jackboot Dorsey’s jerks stomping it.

But then…

…a spokesperson for Twitter confirmed to news outlets it locked the National File’s account for 12 hours “in error.”

Maybe Dorsey should get his China Doll to recruit people from her country of origin to replace the incompetents.

Beijing’s storm-troop lackeys in Hong Kong are nifty censors.

However, although the National File account has since been reinstated, it seems Jackboot’s Jerks have a very vindictive streak.

They have “now suspended” reporter Jack Hadfield “for celebrating Twitter’s decision to reverse the suspension” of the publication.


I have never been part of Twitter, and would never wish to be.

If I were, I’d no doubt join the ever-lengthening roll of honour…

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Hey, Twitter’s Still Outlawing The Truth! 

…those banned for dissent from Jackboot Dorsey’s dogmas.

Or for ‘celebrating! ‘