Bravo! Lithuania Helps Taiwan!

There’s no worse regime in the world than that of the Hitler-clone Xi.


Spot the only difference! Clue, moustache!


No doubt my assertion is open to challenge, because those unshaven old toads in Tehran are evil, North Korea is nasty and Belarus is bad.

But Beijing’s bullying bandit regime is much more powerful, so its global menace is unmatched.

It seems Free China…

…aka Taiwan, has been facing difficulties in getting supplies of vaccinations, due to timidity on the part of potential suppliers, fear of Beijing pressure.

Not little Lithuania!

The small Baltic republic, which was annexed by the Communist tyranny of Stalin when that old swine ruled the USSR…

… and is thus gifted with greater insights into Taiwan’s peril, has chosen to gift 20000 vax doses to the other small republic on the other side of the world!

‘Freedom-loving people should help each other, ‘ said Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Landbergis

And so say all of us!