Priti Bans BLM Brainwash? Why Won’t Bojo?

We read that Hone Secretary Priti Patel has ‘axed’ the outrageous BLM brainwash scheme…..



has existed for parliamentary staff since 2016..

…which we recently reported had infested other government departments.

The Telegraph journo is careful only to skirt the nature of the indoctrination programme..

Border Force officers have been offered “unconscious bias” training despite controversy over whether it has any positive effect, The Telegraph can disclose.

.. but such leftist nonsense should have no place in ANY work-place.

It’s not clear if Priti Patel is relieving only Border Force staff or all Home Office staff from the brainwash burden.

But what about other ministries?

We know for a fact that the vile practice is embedded in other government offices, but we hear nothing of those in charge, the Secretaries of State, all Conservative parliamentarians, taking action to excise such blight.

What SHOULD happen is an explicit directive from Downing Street, to cut out the cr-p.

Such a step would of course save money, getting more work done since no time wasted on toxic ‘training…’

…and no more cash for sticky-beak pinko ‘trainers,’ aka political commissars.

But has Jellyfish Johnson issued a command to eliminate this oppressive, intrusive practice?

Jellyfish Cartoon, Ocean Jellyfish s, face, text, jellyfish png

I doubt it, but if anybody knows, please advise.