BBC Exploits Canadian Deaths To Let Greenpeace Rant!

UK Pravda reverted to type today, middle-aged leftist bat ‘Orrible ‘Ockings exploiting Canadian heat-wave deaths in order to give another middle-aged leftist bat plenty of time to rail on a fave BBC obsession.

SCOTUS ‘Doing Favours?’ BBC’s Leftist Lucy Roams The Gutter! 


Lefty Lucy Hockings

Bitter Twitter Bias – BBC’s Lefty Lucy Has Dirty Dorsey’s Back! 

Pretty Nurse Faces Down BBC Inquisitors!

No surprise, given Lucy Hockings’ record.

At 6pm (Jakarta time ) today, that prominent member of the tax-funded propaganda channel’s Coven introduced a shrew from Greenpeace International.

One might hope Hockings would at least offer us a guest ‘expert’ with facts, figures, scientific arguments, based on professional expertise.

Instead we got a rant about the woke-left concept called ‘climate emergency!’

The woman warbled on and on, authoritarian intolerance exemplified…



….how oil and air transport companies should have ‘no seats at the table’ when climate policies are discussed.

Fine, if Hockings had somebody from one of those companies to challenge this censorious tripe.

Or anyone!

Of course, Hockings had no such counter-point guest, nor any tough questions to grill the woman.

She just jollied her Greenpeace guest along.

BBC MUST be defunded.