Crime To Call BBC Traitorous? Since When?

Quite shocking, not that this Mr Hockridge, from Harpenden in Hertfordshire, called a UK Pravda hack a ‘traitor…’


….but that he is being prosecuted for saying so, in a UK court!

The accused, we’re told, “did not deny calling Mr Watt a traitor.”

I have commented on the despicable behaviour of many BBC propagandists, but not, as far as I recall, on the reporter Watt, so I am saying nothing about him today.

But I do remember vividly…

…the nationwide outrage at the BBC’s treasonous drivel during the Falklands liberation war…



…when the tax-funded propaganda channel scum declared..

“…it is not the BBC’s role to boost British troops ‘ morale”, and that “the widow in Portsmouth is no different from the widow of Buenos Aires.. “

…and I remember the many voices raised to point out that the ‘widow in Portsmouth’ paid the tv tax that kept the disloyal BBC swine in a job!

The BBC is a disgrace…

If Only The BBC Cared About The Country

Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British?

…and has been ever since it declared its neutrality in the Falklands War.

And actually…

…long before that!

Using the police and the courts to criminalise what millions think is not insulting…

But his solicitor Gemma Motion said he denied the use of the word had been threatening, abusive or insulting, or that it would be perceived to cause harassment, alarm or distress.


…but the absolute truth, is a deplorable attempt to suppress criticism of a morally bankrupt institution!