C’mon, Belgium – Deport Dieting Illegals!

Nothing quite so laughable as ‘hunger-strikers’ – this time in Belgium – who insist on taking nourishment during their self-inflicted ‘ordeal,’ much like Porkahontas in Canada a few years ago!


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Fatty’s Yummy Diet Reaches ‘Critical’ Stage – NOT! 

The uppity gits are all illegally in Belgium, but are demanding ‘rights’ legally available only to to Belgians!

Best short-term measure to take?

Let them get on with their stunt – no point wasting tax-payers’ money on lavishing attention on arrogant attention-seeking illegal aliens.




When they weary of losing weight, they’ll soon start eating – probably food paid for from the public purse!

Like the crimmigrant wasters in Australia’a offshore detention centres, they are simply fakers, relying on leftist ‘NGO’ cheer-leaders to try to shame authorities…



…who have nothing to be ashamed of, except the fact that so many crimmigrants in the country have yet to be deported.

If these insolent illegal dieters don’t like how things are done in Belgium, there’s an easier remedy than fake ‘hunger-striking.’

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Sod off home!

Belgium is nuts, unwilling to take out the garbage we have reported on all too often, ‘the lawless primitives who have colonised its cities…’


Molenbeek’s residents -the Belgian newspaper De Morgen reported (subscription only) that “the whole neighborhood” knew where Abdeslam was ever since the Paris attacks. Nobody tipped off authorities.

.Belgian Illegals Policy ‘Under Scrutiny?’ For ALL The Wrong Reasons! 

Belgium: Three men “of foreign origin” rape girl (18) on beach while making her male friend watch


Terror Vermin Find Support In Brussels? 

– and what about the government secretary of state, Sammy Mahdi?

Mahdi has said demands by hunger strikers to have their individual cases handled is not the way to deal with the problem…


They say that there are 150,000 living here illegally, and the 200 people that decide to stop eating should be regularised individually?

What would be the result?

He has a point, of course!

Yet in the same report we read that Mahdi has been ‘seeking to improve the application system for people wanting to stay in Belgium https://news.sky.com/story/belgium-hundreds-of-migrants-go-on-hunger-strike-with-some-stitching-their-mouths-shut-12345538

He should be ‘seeking to improve’ the deportation ‘system! ‘