“Up To 4 Years?” Just Flog And Deport!

It all sounds great, Priti’s proposal to imprison crimmigrants for ‘up to‘ four years, but if that’s the route taken, there should be a minimum…


…not a maximum sentence set, and a lot more than just four years, and with automatic deportation afterwards.



That would prevent courts presided over by wigged weak weasels opting for silly little wrist-slaps, 30 days or such-like.

Although when you think about it, why not just give them a taste of the lash..

….then deport the wannabe parasites right away…



…all the way, back to their country of origin.

It costs a fortune to keep crims behind bars, so jamming them into a straight-jacket, then straight onto an RAF flight, whence the swine may descend gently…

…by parachute, into the arms of those who miss them, would save British tax-payers a fortune, surely?

No, I realise Jellyfish Johnson would never take any step as salutory as that, so just routine expulsion would suffice.

However, no show without Punch, and no sensible discussion about vermin control would be complete without some Shamnesty berk gibbering!

Listen to this fatuous klutz-babble, from Steve Valdez-Symonds…

Amnesty International UK’s refugee and migrant rights director said: “While the Home Office continues to make no safe and legal routes to the UK available for those claiming asylum…



Would he argue that a  great way to cut violent crime statistics would be to legalise mugging?

Oh, and then he starts to lie.

…some people will continue to be forced to risk their lives to do so – including in small boats across the Channel


There is NO evidence that the illegals are ‘forced’ aboard their bludger-boats at gun-point.

On the contrary!

They swarm over the Med, or the Aegean, like the Syrian gent we quoted a while ago…

“We Wanna Go To Europe To Cause Turmoil…” Says Poor Syrian ‘Refugee!’ 

….then up through France, eager to use any means to get across the Channel…



…and stick their dirty snouts into the British public purse.

Now – ask yourselves if Amnesty’s status as a registered UK ‘charity’ should be de-registered.