Contemptible Kim MP “That’s Up To Him!”

Well… I think that’s up to him to decide.’

So said the new Labour MP Kim Leadbeater, when asked about the Batley teacher terrorised out of town ( and out of his school!) by pig-ignoramuses…

ReInstate Those Teachers NOW! Deport The Rabble! 


…..whose mind-set seems to differ little from the Hebdo barbarians…

Do The Wicked Go To Pakistan When They Die? 

Sectarian Barbarism – Alive And Thriving In Pakistan

…and who appear to think they live in some sectarian cess-pool, Pakistan, perhaps, but their kind of scumbag thinking that motivated the Paris beheader…

….has no place in any British town.

Leadbeater was asked about the teacher targetted by the bigot mob, specifically about that teacher’s perfectly understandable doubts about whether he dare return.

And my headline sums up her craven response.

Nor, it seems, was the insipid Tory she narrowly defeated eager to say anything, much less make an issue of such a major local scandal.



I only learned about this deplorable indifference when reading what journo Dan Hodges had to say –

– in this week’s

That outbreak of sectarian intolerance ought to have been the BIG issue.



Yet apparently only the ‘far-left/far-right’ outsider candidates showed much interest.

For the new MP to shrug off the witch-hunt –

It’s up to him!”

– was outrageous.



She should atone for her shameful response by turning her maiden speech into an exhortation to the primitives in her neighbourhood to go down on their knees and apologise for their evil antics…

..or find a country whose values they respect, and GO there!