Belarus Unleashes Crimmigrants? Fight Back!

Not often that BBC shows concern about illegal immigrants…



..but when it’s Belarus to blame, I guess UK Pravda felt obliged to make an exception!

BBC World News, at 11am Jakarta time, had angry Lithuanian officials on, to denounce that the mean old toad who rules Belarus has been letting Mid-East crimmigrants flow freely into his Baltic neighbour.

Obviously we sympathise with the Lithuanians…



..but why are they not instantly deporting them back to their countries of origin?

Brussels’ bullying?



Alexander Lukashenko (2020-09-03) 01.jpg

Leering Lukashenko –


…that’s another matter.

We even hear that the dictator Lukashenko has been using his state airline to fly wannabe parasites in fron Iraq!

My initial reaction was that the frontier should be mined.

But if Belarus resistance folk are escaping the regime, that would put at risk not just unwanted illegals but innocent lives as well.

So why not step up action to bring the b-stard down?



We did it in World War 2.

Arm resistance groups.

And take a leaf out of the Czech freedom-fighters’ book.

They took out Hitler’s Heydrich with skill and courage.

Perhaps if that swine in his palace in Minsk feared for his own life, he’d think twice about facilitating incursions by dangerous undesirables into a peaceful neighbouring land.