Petition – Stop Oddifying Olympics!

We have raised a small fuss about this before, as have other people.

Former Olympic Weightlifter Claims Female Athletes Told To “Be Quiet” About Laurel Hubbard Transgender Issue At Tokyo

Hope Japan Scraps The Olympics 

Laurel Hubbard. Credit: Twitter

Laurel Hubbard. 

If NZ Won’t Play Fair, Scrap The Olympics! 


Now a petition is calling for a review and overhaul of the IOC’s policy on transgender athletes and has so-far received more than 21,000 signatures.


But let’s see that total doubled, then trebled!

The petition outlines the policy allows “male-born athletes who identify as women” to take the place of women on sports teams and break women’s sporting records.

“This is unfair to women due to the incontrovertible physical advantage that transwomen have,” the petition said.