‘Reporters Without Borders’ Defend Gutter Grubs

Anyone who thinks ‘Reporters Without Borders’ is a respectable organisation…

REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS, for Freedom of Infomation logo, international organization for press freedom, graphic element on gray

A – should be advised that it’s Soros-funded…

Spain’s Left Regime Gags Media – Not A Peep From Pinkos 


B – should consider who it’s just lined up with, a guttersnipe Spanish leftist.

It seems nowadays RWB’s concept of ‘reporting’ includes publication of grotesque caricatures portraying opposition politicians..

“…defecating, wearing underwear decorated with swastikas and oozing poison….’


The scabrous level of the ‘journalism’ practised by a publication called El Jueves, the big boss of which is a Spanish far-leftist named…



The Guardian is into cover-up. They hide the swine’s name, nor is there a photo.

But the Guardian’s Spanish leftist soul-mate, El Pais, is not so shy.

There we learn the nasty’s name, Ricardo Rodrigo Amar.



El Jueves big boss, Amar

…while the vile rag’s content, is further exemplified by an ever-so-witty ‘cartoon’ of the patriot party Vox ‘co-founder José Antonio Ortega Lara, who was kidnapped by Eta terrorists and held in…

 dungeon-like conditions for 18 months

…blistering in the sun.’

And here it is, their nasty mockery of a patriot tortured by terrorist scum.



That is NOT reporting.

Nor is it journalism.

Yet ‘Reporters Without Borders,’ far from showing concern at El Jueve’s foul effluent, apparently class it as ‘journalism. ‘

They are in a tizzy because Vox has named and shamed the slug Amar, with photo, and given his address, NOT his home address, which would be wrong to do…

(as I have often said, people’s homes should never be targetted.)

…but his office address, which anyone could find anyway.

Vox thinks decent people outraged by his scribblers’s filth might wish to drop by and complain.

So they should!

Amar should face a jeering throng outside his media lair every day!