Councillor ‘Cleared?’ But Who’s The Gutless Rat?


.’..over a social media post about the slave trade? .

God knows, the idiotic ‘hate-crime’ laws would have seen the lady frog-marched off by keystone PC cops…


(assuming they were not too busy with kneeling  duty!)

…had there been anything remotely prosecutable about the post.

Since no police interest is mentioned, she was legally in order, and as an elected representative of Darlington people, had not only the right but the duty to express her opinion on anything, any way she felt was effective.


Ms Culley (pictured above) shared the meme on September 6 and removed it from her social media page after around a day.

. ..

Darlington Borough Council’s standards panel found the meme posted by Pauline Culley was “ill-judged and offensive” but did not breach the code of conduct.

None of their damn business!

Opposition councillors complained about the meme which said slavery was “not specially” for black people.

Nor was it.

It’s existed among most races, for thousands of years.


According to Robert Davis, between 1 million and 1.25 million Europeans were captured by Barbary pirates and sold as slaves in North Africa and The Ottoman Empire between the 16th and 19th centuries.

But none of the berks on that arrogant ‘standards’ panel gave a damn about historical truths.

Most of them were probably ignorant of those facts.

So quite right, Councillor Culley, when she said the inquiry had been a “waste of time.. “

And what was on the meme that got uptight whiners aka ‘opposition councillors’ into their self-righteous..

The sharing of the meme by Cllr Culley was in our view ill-judged and the “you’re not special statement” was we think, offensive.’

…little frenzy.

It depicted…

Pauline Culley shared a picture (above) depicting white women being restrained by men in Arabian clothes to her profile at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement last summer

‘…white women being held by men in Arabian dress…”

Not just historical fact…

…but arguably relevant to more modern realities…

Despite the vile racist effluent of BLM..


 Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

….nobody’s life, nobody’s freedom, ‘matters’ more than anyone else’s.

But now we get to the really outrageous part of the story.

The craven creep who lodged the complaint!



‘A Tees Valley resident, whose name was withheld...’

Name Withheld?

The BLM turd won’t be exposed?

Name and shame this uppity ignoramus.