Petition, USA Olympics! Stop Ugly Displays Of Disloyalty

Although the Olympics have become something of a travesty, partly due to the virus –  and due to New Zealand’s shameful inclusion of a man to compete as a woman…

Hope Japan Scraps The Olympics 

Laurel Hubbard. Credit: Twitter

Laurel Hubbard. 

If NZ Won’t Play Fair, Scrap The Olympics

….the athletes who do attend are representing their countries and should do so with dignity and grace.

Unfortunately some toe-rags are not doing so, for example, that ugly uppity brute Gwen Berry.

Hence the attached petition, for my American readers.

Please forward this to your family and friends.
All across our nation, Americans are rightly outraged by athletes who qualify to represent the United States in the upcoming Olympics but then use the platform to show their personal hate and disrespect for our flag and national anthem.

For example, track and field athlete Gwen Berry, who specializes in the hammer throw, shamelessly turned her back on our nation’s flag and national anthem in defiance last week while on the awards podium for her third place finish in the Olympic trials.

It’s not the first time Berry has protested during Team USA events. She also raised a protest fist during the national anthem after winning gold in the 2019 Pan American Games.

Athletes who represent the United States in Olympic competition owe their success to the fact that they live in a country that offered them the opportunity to be an athlete in the first place. More than that, they owe their country and their fellow Americans the common decency to show respect to the flag and national anthem.

Competing in the Olympics for the United States is a privilege and an honor. It should not be a platform for disrespecting our nation. Many believe, as do I, that athletes who refuse to honor our flag and national anthem should not be allowed on the US Olympic Team.

Without that requirement, Gwen Berry and others like her will continue to embarrass themselves and our country during the upcoming Tokyo games.


Sign our petition to Olympic Team USA CEO Sarah Hirshland, urging her to mandate that every athlete representing the US during the upcoming Olympics pledge to be respectful toward our flag and national anthem as a condition of being on the US Olympic Team.

Many Americans are taking to Team USA’s Facebook page to share their thoughts. After signing the petition, you can go here to contact Team USA directly.