Sydney S.W. – Tell This Clown To Shut Up

My readers may hold a variety of views on how police handle mask issues…

….but most agree multicult is pernicious.

And sure enough, in Australia’s New South Wales, where there’s a surge in cases of the latest variant of the Chinese Virus…



..and consequent stricter rules, we hear infantile bitching in Sydney’s southwest area.



It seems ‘cultural/ language’ issues are causing problems, and rhe ‘multicultural’ residents don’t like having too many cops keeping an eye on them.

Get this.

Lebanese Muslim Association president Samir Dandan said the police had not cracked down as hard on other Sydney areas in the past and the “disproportionate” response would be harmful to the community.

“This is highly problematic and reinforces the experience of this community being over-policed and continues to create heightened sensitivities around the over-scrutinisation of these communities,” Mr Dandan said.

“We would have appreciated a much more balanced response and something that is more in line with their response to communities elsewhere who had similar clusters

Somebody should tell that whining clown to shut up.

Or go back to Lebanon, if he is so troubled by Australian law enforcement.