Beset By Crimmigrants, Lithuania Misplaces Its Hope

The Baltic republics have always commanded my admiration, submerged in The Evil USSR Empire for decades but then arising bloodied, but free…

Yet their judgement since they freed themselves has perplexed me, chaining their destinies to the Evil EUSSR Empire.



Now Lithuania faces a horde of undesirable aliens, Mid-Eastern illegals allowed by Belarus to gate-crash the border.





And yet again, instead of installing mine-fields and sharp-shooters to repel invasion, they turn to Brussels?

To that red vixen Ylva?

Red Euro-Commissar To Obstruct Greek Anti-Crimmigrant Moves 

Lithuania has called on the EU to help deter Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko from pushing migrants across its border in record numbers. Read on 

God help Lithuania.

That subversive marxist termagant will issue further instant diktats…

…that under NO circumstance may primitives who break through the border be pushed back…

Illegal Pushbacks?’ Big Deal, If It Keeps Illegal Aliens OUT! 

…..and her Comrade VP, Timmermans the Dirty Dutchman, undoubtedly had the Baltics as much in mind as Poles, Croats and Hungarians when he prescribed demographic  bastardisation…

Frans Timmermans, the Dutch vice-president of the European Commission, said that “diversity was the future of the world,” and that Eastern European nations would just have to “get used to that.”

…as the final solution he envisaged, for nations daring to resist the crimmigrant tsunami.


All one can do is hope that more and more Lithuanians will remember what it took to get free of that previous marxist yoke…



…and prepare for whatever level of resistance is required to defeat the new tyranny.