The First? If Only! How Many Eritreans In Europe?

EU Observer’s off-putting, near-triumphalist hogwash daily blurb about the crimmigrant cargo imported into Italy…

Italy – More Parasites Disembark! 

….by the leftist SOS Mediterranee’s Ocean Viking ship, had a very ambiguous headline on Monday.


 Eritrean boy first to step onto Italian soil

Like many of the so-called ‘children’ on ‘migrant’ bleeding-heart narratives, this ”child” is a teenage male, of whom Europe has received far more than enough.


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The headline is actually saying that this particular ‘boy’ was the first crimmigrant to disembark from that vessel.

But it could be read as meaning something else…

But sadly not!


If only this ‘boy’ were the first Eritrean ever to reach Europe.

We have no idea how many Eritreans have already swarmed into civilised countries.


Italy, of course – Italy’s Lying Crimmigrants Exposed! 


And Denmark, of which I wrote some years ago The Danes got wise to the lies they’ve been spinning.’    info source

And France… Four teenage migrants are in a critical condition after being shot during a huge brawl in the French port of Calais involving Afghans and Eritreans armed with sticks and stones…Four migrants in critical condition after Calais brawl


. …

Gambar terkait


Even in Israel…

Eritrean and Sudanese illegals commit disproportionately more crimes in comparison to the general population.’

.Israeli police fear releasing African migrant crime figures


And Germany…

All detained were ‘Eritreans.’German Cops Shoulda Shot The Ingrates! 

The SVP’s Zurich spokesman, Herr Suter, gave chapter and verse to justify the video, quoting from previous court rulings to claim that Eritreans, who currently make up the largest group of asylum seekers in Switzerland, are not “real refugees. Google Jackboot Stomps Swiss Patriot Party! 


Yes, if only last weekend’s Eritrean were the first to reach Europe.