BLM, BBC’s Fave Hate-Gang, Cheers Red Despots!

UK Pravda’s marxist cheer-leaders have exalted BLM’s politics of hate and shamelessly suppressed known…


Patrisse Cullors.jpg

Comrade Cullors

We are trained Marxists.”
— BLM co-founder.. 

….,irrefutable facts about the hate-gang’s leadership..

BLM Savages – BBC, Typically, Buries Aftermath Of LA Ambush! 

BBC Covers Up Latest BLM Hate-Gang Outrage! 

Zeinab Welcomes Red Cop-Killer’s Fan

BBC Ignores BLM Brutality, Again! 

Now, when Cubans, denied democracy for sixty years by a brutal communist dictatorship, have taken to the streets in protest…

…the very same BLM red vermin have stepped up – to side with tyranny.

Black Lives Matter Blames Deadly Cuban Protests on US Government, Defends Regime

Let’s see if the scum who run BBC World News…



…manage to keep BLM’s endorsement of evil out of their Newsnight bulletins.