Brussels Crawls Again To Evil Ayatollahs

EU Observer’s Europhilia is annoying but its editors have the right to be wrong.

What they do not have the right to do is present opinionated, biased jibes as ‘news.’

Last weekend Slovenia’s Prime Minister, Mr. Jansa…


  •  Janez Janša

…who, as we have seen before….

Slovenia – Offensive Observer’s Queer Report! 

…is a rather good guy, told some powerful truths about the pig-ignorant sexist despots who control Iran.

Telling any truths about those monsters, heirs to the satanic Khomenei…



…a ‘government’ which won’t do anything without the approval of an un-elected old rat..



….is something Brussels just won’t do.

Even EU bints who rant about feminism in their own countries…

Home Sweet Home? Not When Evil Sexists Hold The Keys

  Iran – Contemptible Swedish Cows Crawl To Shariah Sexists 


…even Senor Borrell’s marxist predecessor, Red Fed Mogherini…

Mogherini, Just Like Julie Bishop, Betrays Iran’s Women! 

While she shakes the hands of these men, she thinks of the nine-year-old girls who are “legally” forced into marriage with the consent of the government?

….kow-tow to the benighted dogmas which force women to shroud their heads.



So anything Jansa said must be regarded as a breath of fresh air on the subject.



Yet for no reason at all, except subservience to EUSSR policy…



….the EUObs hack, unidentified by his or her editors, denounced Jansa’s excoriation of evil as a. ..


‘Rant’  – definition, to speak or declaim extravagantly or violently; talk in a wild or vehement way; rave



Yes, because it was published after that leftist Borrell, the Fourth Reich’s ‘foreign affairs’ supremo, cowered sycophantically from the truths told.

Red Fed’s Successor – Has Spain Spawned A Male Merkel? 

Borrell – an unwholesome creature – Strasbourg Slugs Vet The Commissars – Selectively!

EU distances itself from Janša remarks on Iran

EU foreign-affairs chief Josep Borrell said Slovenia’s prime minister Janez Janša did not speak for the EU, despite holding the EU presidency, when he went on an anti-Iran regime rant…

Janša’s comments “did not represent the European Union, most definitely not … they were certain opinions of the Slovenian prime minister,” Borrell said Monday, amid sensitive, EU-chaired Iran nuclear non-proliferation talks.

Oh, mustn’t upset the new nazis, must we?