UK Library Freak Show – Shame The Sickos!

Subjecting children to freako ‘drag queens’ has caused widespread indignation in the USA – see the report below – but now this filth has oozed across The Pond.’


Brit kids too are having similar grotesque garbage thrust upon them.

Redbridge, in England’s capital, London, is run by the Labour Party…



…so seeing what appeared in a public library there comes as no surprise.

I gather local Labour leadership has apologised…..

Yet according to the report above, a library spokesperson made clear its commitment to gross indecency  –

“if you’ve got it flaunt it”.

– until public outrage at the Redbridge Libraries Summer Reading Challenge – a taxpayer-funded event, made them u-turn.

But NOBODY has been fired.

Nor, so far as I know, has there been  any move to defund the Arts Council for its funding of degenerate garbage.

Nor any request to have the Charities Commission investigate the involvement of Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure (RCL).

Nor any well-deserved pillorying of something called ‘Mandinga Arts,’ which has apparently shut down its website.

Mandinga Arts ought to be shut down.

Read the excellent article…


The ‘rainbow dildo butt monkey’ is no laughing matter

….on, whose author talks total sense, except that she seems to think those defenceless children were subjected to an experience suitable for adults.

No way is that filthy freak in the photo above…

….or anything like it, suitable entertainment for sane adults.

Sewage is not art.


Meanwhile, in America…

Do you get weary of “LGBTQ” deception?

The video below is a unique portrayal of two viewpoints. Background: a “drag queen” named Sassy Sascha hosted a Zoom story time for children on June 17 at the Rocky River public library. Some concerned citizens protested outside.

Sassy Sascha posted on social media that she was accosted on the way to her car:
“Thank you to the RR Police for your protection and keeping the 45ish protesters that showed up at bay. I especially would like to thank the ladies that came to show support and put their own bodies between me and the protesters trying to approach me while being escorted to my car …I was bawling on the way home thinking of you….”

Rocky River citizens say their protest was peaceful, that police affirmed there was no attempt to “accost” the “drag queen.”

Listen to the two sides at the Rocky River Library board meeting.

Who is lying? Having dealt with the exaggerations and manipulations of “LGBTQ” folks for years, I know which side gets my vote.

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