Uppity’s Yelp Highlights Guardian’s Racist Line

That self-important hackette, Nikole Hannah-Jones, acclaimed for running down the country which allowed her to rise to fame and fortune, via the NYT.

…is still whining.

Evidently not content that the Pulitzer prigs gave her a prize, it seems now that she recently returned…



…like a dog to its vomit, to her tales of woe.

‘Since the second grade when I began being bussed into white schools, I have been fighting against people who did not think a Black girl like me belonged… ‘


Big deal!

I know where I think her propaganda belongs.


But what we should notice is how the Guardian hack disrespects whites by his choice of capitalisation.

Uptight Nikole, like you and I, may use capital letters when she writes, but when her words are quoted by a newspaper, it’s the media plonkers who choose which colours get exalted.

So the Guardian echoes her prejudice and elevates ‘Black,’ with a capital ‘B…’

…but disses ‘white’ by denying us poor pale-faces the capital ‘W’ which you’d think the equality industry would require.

To be fair to the rotten Guardian, it’s only acting in subservience to the diktat we have noted previously…

Blatant Bigot Bias, deserving capital letters…Euronews Avoiding Bias? Whatever Next? 

… but it’s important to offer periodical reminders of the media’s collective discrimination.