Simon and Schuster? Pinko Schmucks! Protest!

A major publishing company, Simon and Schuster, recently bowed to pressure and canceled plans to publish a book on the danger of Big Tech by U.S. Senator Josh Hawley.

That reminder of the company’s scandalous cancel-culture manoeuvre…


…came with another request, which I pass on to readers further down my page, but first, here’s Simon and Schuster’s contact details…

….for those who have not yet bombarded the leftist publisher with protests.

Senator Hawley is one of the good guys…

Hurray For Hawley! Fighting Geekstapo Censors! 

…and deserves support!


Oh, and here’s a survey for you. .

Please help Hillsdale College more clearly understand the views of mainstream Americans on this issue by completing the NATIONAL SURVEY ON THE THREAT OF BIG TECH using the secure link I’ve provided for you below: