Ban The Brussels Bullies’ Banner!

Is there no end to the hubristic arrogance of the Brussels Empire?



EU asks to have flag at Olympic Games opening ceremony

Currently making war on two of its own member states for their commitment to real European values…

‘EU Uses Covid Recovery As Weapon Of War! 

…and busily kow-towing to an evil sectarian despotism…


Brussels Crawls Again To Evil Ayatollahs 

…it’s quite breath-taking that one of the EUSSR’s vice-presidents, a ghastly Greek git named Schinas, whose warped mind-set we noted recently…

Fourth Reich Fuhrerin Discards ‘Europe’s Way Of Life!’

…has called on the effete Olympic authorities to have the vile Fourth Reich banner carried side-by-side at the opening ceremony with Slovenia’s flag.

Schina’s tripe about the Brussels Empire banner…


The EU and the International Olympic Committee are uniquely positioned to promote peace and understanding. “

( a flag so hated that Germany has had to pass a law to punish patriots who burn it!)

…reads strangely to anyone familiar with Brussels’ record of bullying, corruption and intolerance of dissent…



…but what’s strangest of all is that Slovenia’s leader, Janez Jansa, has co-signed the insolent demand…



…which demeans his own country.

Especially after how Brussels has spent so much energy beating up on him.

Slovenia – Offensive Observer’s Queer Report! 

Jansa won our praise just a week ago.

What are we to make of his latest slavish stunt?

More interestingly, what will be the Olympic response?

I fear that, in view of their readiness to soil the scene with kneel-creep cr-p…

…the grisly banner with its strange device may well appear.