Canada Beset By Arson – Time To Cage The Savages!

I have refrained from comment so far on the largely artificial ‘scandal’ blighting Canada at the moment.

…the US media aren’t interested in reporting our northern neighbor’s plague of church burnings — except to suggest it’s understandable.

Churches burned to the ground in Canada in ‘anti-church hate crime wave’

NB – the church-burning perpetrated by savages is NOT artificial, but very real.

It’s a shame no arsonists have been shot so far.

To save my own indignation supplies, I offer non-Canadian readers a link to an excellent site, the True North, which helpfully has a column called “This Week In Fake News” on its Candice Malcolm Show.

The CBC is guilty of spreading fake news – again

We have talked about the CBC….

….which is as bad as UK Pravda and Australia’s ABC, but…

Just read and enjoy.