‘Let Them Die!’ Pro-Brain-Wash Hate-Bitch Steps Down

One previously little-known but surely most hate-consumed demonesses has stepped down.

But only from ONE of the several positions of responsibility she disgraced last week!

Leftist Leete’s smile, not unlike that of a she-devil in a nightmare!


Michelle Leete exemplified everything that’s foul about contemporary public life in the USA when, in the course of a deranged rant against opponents of school brain-washing, she shrieked

‘Let Them Die!’


This sick howl, outside a Virginia state middle school, was, alarmingly, CHEERED by a crowd of blood-thirsty leftist fanatics.

Her entire rant is worth reading, via the link above, to get the full measure of her bigotry towards decent parents who object to the marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) being imposed on school-kids.

Now it seems she’s been obliged to resign from her senior ‘training’ spot with the Virginia Parent Teachers’ Association.

One wonders how she got into such a position in the first place.


Leete resigned from her position of Vice President of Training at the Virginia PTA. She’s also the Vice President of the Fairfax NAACP and the Vice President of Communications for the Fairfax County PTA.

How about her other positions of ‘responsibility?’

Gambar terkait

The NAACP used to be a respectable organisation.

If they don’t expel her, people need to draw their own conclusions as to whether that adjective still applies.