Beware Big-Tech Collabos – Dirty “Doc’ Dorsey, Zuckwit Too

If I have a medical question, and want a second opinion, why should a scruffy tool like Dirty Dorsey say I can’t.

Admittedly, his contacts in Beijing… may give him access to info on exactly how, why and when Adolf Xi let the plague exit Wuhan, but he certainly wouldn’t spill those beans.

However, he gleefully stomped Representative Marjory Taylor Greene (again) for offering Twitter users a different perspeçtive on the Chinese Virus…. while still allowing WHO output on his anti-social media network, despite WHO’s foul collabo record.

Now we have Zuckwit’s Geekstapo facing a law-suit over his readiness to work hand in glove with a White House occupied by a stooge in whose installation he played a major part.

Good luck to those bringing the law-suit.

And solidarity with Marjory, a source of opinion and information with which we may or may not agree, but who is inspired by love of country, unlike the Enemy Within rich rats of Silicon Valley.