GMB ? Weed Out The Wokers!

We have touched on GMB briefly, most recently this week…

A Common Basis Of Media Morality?

…comparing how marxism is not, inexplicably, Beyond the Pale, whereas ‘racism’ is.

Marxism is easily identified, like the Chinese Virus a menace with several variants…


….all of them vile.

But ‘racism’ can mean anything, from rabid animosity towards anybody whose skin is darker, or lighter, than one’s own…

…to a sensible aversion to those who wish to turn peaceful homogeneous societies into  multicultural messes.



Whatever chance there might have been of clarifying the nature of racism surely went out the window when crackpots started identifying hostility to Islamic triumphalism as a form of racism!

As if sectarian fanatic clusters including devils of Arab, European, Oriental and African ethnicity can be classified as a ‘race.’

But back to Good Morning Britain!

I hear GMB’s decision to hire Nigel Farage has given the fledgling channel a big boost.


Nigel Farage


Farage talks a lot of sense – despite blunders along the way…

Now, UKIP, Apologise and Invite Him Back! 

….and he’s served his country well.

So let’s hope we hear no more codswallop about how GMB must not become a UK Fox News.

That’s exactly what’s needed, and not the anaemic thing Fox News has recently become.

It’s indisputable that the BBC is run by and for the far-left.

BBC Covers Up Latest BLM Hate-Gang Outrage! 

Zeinab Welcomes Red Cop-Killer’s Fan

BBC Ignores BLM Brutality, Again

The arrogant bias of their coven of male and female hags is offensive.

Channel Four is as bad, so I’m told, and Sky not much better.


Too many media dorks are infected with the left virus, like that Guto puke on GMB who did his kneel-creep thing live on stage.

And he’s evidently not the only unwholesome element in the mix.

Some senior GMB apparatchik has quit, allegedly because “he had come under pressure to ‘dial down the focus on local reporting and free debate in favour of full-blooded culture war topics, so chose to resign’.”

Good riddance too, if that’s the case!

Brits who choke on a diet of pinko pap are crying out for a change.

Bring it on!