Belgium – Alien Fakers Bottle Out!

So much for principled protest..

The crimmigrant scum faking the ‘hunger-strike’ in Belgium….

Fake ‘Hunger-Strikers’ – Not A Lot Thinner? 


…to which we have paid more contemptuous attention…

C’mon, Belgium – Deport Dieting Illegals! 

… than perhaps we should, have proven as spineless as we said they were.

They are tucking in once more – probably into free food, given the leech-like character common among illegal immigrants.

Now, the Belgian authorities should be totting up the cost of policing this grand non-event…


….and the cost of medical care wastefully diverted from decent people –

.. ……

….during a pandemic, moreover!


– and BILL the parasitic swine.

Make the wasters pay!

Or maybe not.

They have shown a degree of selfish arrogance that ought to disqualify them from citizenship –  or indeed the right to reside in the country they sought to extort.

So…skip the billing!



Put the good-for-nothing ratbags on a couple of large container vessels, with armed police or soldiers to keep them under control, below deck….


..and send them out to sea, dropping batches off, one by one, back to their own countries.

That’s what they OUGHT to do.


…the ‘outcome defuses tensions in Belgium’s seven-party coalition government, which was divided over the plight of the hunger strikers.


Very ‘Guardian” choice of word.

If you or I were said to be in a ‘plight,’ whoever said so would be urging sympathy.

These mangy curs deserve no sympathy for their entirely self-inflicted, long-drawn-out, dissimulative and infantile stunt.

They should be horse-whipped!

Alas, no container voyage likely.

While the Prime Minister, a man named De Croo, who belongs to the same party as Ghastly Guy Verhofstadt, has made some surprisingly sane noises about not giving in to blackmail, we also read of certain despicable pro-crimmigrant politicians….


‘Socialist and Green ministers had threatened to walk out if one of the strikers died…’-


‘Walk out?’

And if not one but TWO had died, would they have RUN out?

If a dozen had died, would they have DASHED out?!?

If ANY of the bast-rds had died, it would have been nobody’s fault but their own.

Mind you, I have a nagging doubt. Was some dirty deal done?

Let’s hope honest Belgians keep an eye on the once-more guzzling undesirables…

….to ensure that none of them EVER gets the legal status they’ve been demanding.