UK Cops Pursuing Pro-Freak Terrorists?

If British police took time off stomping free speech…

British Bobbies No More – Cringing Cops Even Warn Their Dogs on ‘Human Rights!’ 

“Gay Gestapo” Harass Christian Brit for Bible Verses 

Merseyside’s Foulest! Charge Bully-Cops With ‘Wasting Police Time!

…they might stand a better chance of apprehending the vile trans-freak (or gaystapo collabo) who sent what’s clearly a threat to JK Rowling.

I wish you a very nice pipe bomb in your mailbox.”

And how about all the other maladjusted freakos to whom Rowling this week referred.

Yes, but now hundreds of trans activists have threatened to beat, rape, assassinate and bomb me I’ve realised that this movement poses no risk to women whatsoever…



It might help too if ‘celebrities,’ like the erstwhile Little Miss Smarmy of Hogwarts, aka Emma Watson, would retract the cr-p they love to emit.



Watson, not that long ago, encouraged the wretched creatures to cling to their pathetic impostures.

Trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told they aren’t who they say they are.. “

The simpleton ‘celeb’ must know she’s talking trash.



Such gibbering – she’s not the only one – is of course vacuous hogwash.

But it’s also dangerous.

Instead of seeking help to rid themselves of their delusions, they will ony get worse…


….the derangements afflicting the sad freaks undoubtedly reinforced.

Watson should recant, urge them to find a good shrink, and apologise.