Real British Justice! Now Axe ‘Equality’ Iniquity!

After reporting injustices in courts all over the ‘civilised’ world far too often…



…at last a ruling for fair play!

Two white male creative directors at a top London advertising agency have won a sex discrimination claim after a female director vowed to “obliterate” its Mad Men reputation of being full of straight, white men

I don’t know and don’t much care about the identity of that rabid bigotess…

…but let’s hope her co-directors henceforth treat her aa the social leper she deserves to be.

But while this may be a welcome victory for common sense as well as basic fair play…

….what should follow on ought to be a universal roll-back of laws and executive actions that impose ‘affirmative action….’

….that sick system that affords unfair advantage to ‘minorities’ persons who can’t make it on their merits as individuals