Sunday Brunch? Watch This Disturbing Video!

Rebel News is a part of the media which is generally on the side of right…

Montreal’s Finest – Jackboot Cop-Thugs Amok Again! 

Pretty Boy Turdo’s Flunkeys Get Sued! Good! 

….and whether you feel they are right or wrong about any particular issue, you should appreciate their efforts to expose why ‘news’ from so many other parts of the media needs to be taken with a hefty pinch of salt.


The leaked video was captured during a recent editorial meeting about the outlet’s pandemic reporting, and it perfectly illustrates why many have lost their trust in the people we expect to report the news accurately. 

WATCH and SHARE how Barclay wants his journalists to report on vaccine-related news.

LEAKED VIDEO: Daily Mail Australia caught manufacturing fake news

Journalists should be reporting the facts. Not “rubbish” it or inject the news with their personal views and agendas.