Carrickfergus Constabulary Exalts Alien Parasites!

One of the many good things about Ulster, as I found when travelling around its highways and byways in years past, was the forthright, sensible people I talked to.
Times have changed, judging from the reported words of a Carrickfergus top cop.


PSNI's Bobby Singleton to act as Assistant Chief Constable -


In a statement Assistant Chief Constable Bobby Singleton said it was important to remember that “it is not illegal to seek asylum in the UK…’

But it is illegal to sneak into the country, as you or I would find, if we touched down at Heathrow without a visa and tried to shimmy past passport control.

And many Brits, in Ulster and all over the UK, see no reason why such lawless queue-jumpers should be rewarded with full board and lodging in hotel accommodation.


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  • But Bobby The Bold Gendarme has so little real crime on his patch that he’s got his PSNI special issue knickers in a twist….

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…..about people speaking their mind, because a number of social media posts about asylum seekers being accommodated at a Carrickfergus hotel are being investigated for potential hate crimes, the police have said.

Good Heavens, the PSNI has received a number of complaints about the posts.

So he’s apparently hunting down citizens critical of the way Priti Patel has been wasting public money on cosy lodgings for ‘asylum’ parasites.

Urgent Memo From Uninvited ‘Asylumers’ In Their UK Hotels


Bold Bobby claims that those seeking asylum go through a “rigorous process”.

Yes, like that savage that ran amok in a Glasgow hotel not so long ago….

Man shot dead by police after stabbing in Glasgow hotel

…and the numerous others in numerous British cities convicted of serious crimes.

But Why Was The Libyan In Britain? 

Bobby needs to keep up with what’s going on in other UK constabularies.

He’s not very good at geography either.

“Refugee status is granted on the basis that they could not live safely in any part of their country for fear of persecution….”

But Bobby, the problem is that they don’t, most of them, arrive on British shores from ‘their country.’



They come in search of the Promised Land, the famous UK tax-trough, via many countries, a high proportion at present via perfectly safe places like France and Belgium.

They are not in Carrickfergus to escape persecution but to get their snouts into the public purse.

So if honest folk complain about this intrusion…

….why don’t you stop trying to stomp free speech and catch criminals?

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